is very pleased to announce that Z Blanco Tequila was awarded a Double Gold medal.

Using professional criteria, the blanco tequilas were served “blindly” to 16 members of our judging panel, and rated on a 1-5 point scoring system with 5 being the best. After totaling up the scores, the blanco tequilas were ranked based on the impressions of the judges, and awarded medals according to a set range of final point scores received.

The complete ranking results, along with tasting notes, are published on website:

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Austin-Based Z Tequila Takes Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Z Tequila Blanco receives highest medal at the oldest, largest, and most recognized spirits competition in the United States.

Austin, Texas, 5 April 2012 – The San Francisco World Spirits Competition announced the results from their 12th annual competition. This is the first time Z Tequila has entered this esteemed competition that attracts big and small brands alike from across the globe. Z Tequila competed with more than 1,200 other products, from 65 countries and judged by 34 of the most sophisticated palates in the industry.

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Austin-Based Z Tequila Brings More Accolades Home from New York ‘s Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Z Tequila Blanco receives Finalist status and 94 rating in the UBC Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Austin, Texas March 21, 2012 – The Ultimate Spirits Challenge judges comprised of spirit experts from all over the world gather annually to blind taste/evaluate flights of distilled spirits by classifications within major spirits categories, employing a custom-created, multistage format. Judges record their findings on a worksheet on which they score each product on the 100-point scale.

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