The Z stands for Pepe Zevada

When you spend a lifetime marketing the finest liquors in the world to the world, you develop a refined palate. And few have more experience at it than Z Tequila founder, Pepe Zevada. Thirty-five years in the distilled spirits arena inspired Pepe to formulate and perfect his own recipes for 100% pure agave tequila.

Pepe knows so much about the making of fine tequilas one might think he invented the stuff. And while he would be the first to dispel that notion, Pepe has most definitely made his mark in the category. In March of 2012, Z Tequila Blanco was awarded the Double Gold Medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Pepe’s Z Tequila Reposado and Z Tequila Añejo were also deemed medal worthy.

As Pepe says, “They are among the best of the best. Z for yourself.”

He stands for 100% pure agave tequila.

Pepe’s award-winning signature process begins with the harvesting of seven- to nine-year-old lowland agave plants. The tequilas are crafted by hand, drawing from centuries old tequila traditions and time-honored distilling and filtration techniques. Then each precious 100% natural drop is aged in the traditional white oak casks according to variety. Except for Z Tequila Blanco, which is bottled immediately. A single sip reveals Pepe’s uncompromising standards along with the unmistakable affirmation that pure tequila perfection has indeed been achieved.

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